You're Beary Huggable: Valentine's Day Gift Box

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Our "You're Beary Huggable" Valentine's Day Gift Box will help make this Valentine's Day particularly special for the deserving sweetheart or child in your life. Show that special someone how much you love them with everyone's favorite candy treats like Reese's hearts, Kit Kats, M&Ms, Twix, chocolate hearts, and an adorable and cuddly teddy bear!


  • Chocolate Bear with Dark Purple Ribbon Bow Tie - 1 qty. - Cuddly chocolate colored teddy bear with a satiny ribbon.
  • Kit Kat - 4 qty. Fun Size Bars - Crispy wafer bar completely coated in a thick layer of milk chocolate.
  • Plain M&M by Mars (4) - .53 oz. - Bright colored candy shells with chocolate centers.
  • Twix - Fun Size Bars (4) - Rectangular shaped cookie topped with gooey caramel then dunked in milk chocolate.
  • Valentine's Day Reese's Hearts - 2 qty. Fun Size - A delicious heart-shaped twist on a traditional favorite candy treat.
  • Chocolate Hearts by Palmer - 3.3 oz. - Mesh bag filled with Valentine's Day foil wrapped chocolate hearts.
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