Haunted Harvest: Halloween Sweets & Treats

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Deliciously spooky, our Haunted Harvest Sweets & Treats gift is the perfect Halloween treat for your favorite ghoul or goblin! This Halloween-themed gift is filled to the brim with nothing but the best Halloween candies. All the top brands from Skittles, Starburst, Tootsie Rolls, and Candy Corn along with caramel and grape flavored Monster Munch Popcorn!


  • Canvas Trick or Treat Bag - This cute and decorative canvas bag holds all the bounty and includes a drawstring to keep those unwanted hands from stealing a piece of candy.
  • Child's Playtime Candy - 8 oz. - Traditional Tootsie Rolls and Fruit Chews are just a few of the flavors they will discover in this classic candy mix.
  • Skittles Mix Candy - 8 oz. - Fruity and fun sized, this assortment includes Original Skittles, Wild Berry Skittles, and Starburst candies.
  • Candy Corn - 6 oz. - A classic fall candy that has stood the test of time and screams Halloween.
  • Monster Munch Popcorn - 4 oz. - Caramel and Grape flavored popcorn, it's monstrously delicious!
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8.00 (in)
9.00 (in)