Gardenia Bouquet Spa Haven: Bath & Body Thank You Gift Basket

Show her how much you appreciate all that she does by sending her this amazing Gardenia Bouquet Spa Haven Bath & Body Spa Gift Basket. This exquisite gift is filled with the lovely scent of Gardenia Bouquet bath products from the San Francisco Soap Company including Hand Cream, Milled Bath Bar, Shower Gel and more. Plus, we have included a 7 piece Manicure Set in a Travel Case, Bamboo Moisturizing Gloves, Bamboo Moisturizing Socks, a Timber Distressed Pillar Candle, and so much more to delight her senses! And, a proper pampering experience wouldn't be complete without some delicious treats of Chocolates, Cookies and Tea! A great way to say Thank You!

Dim: 18''L x 14''W x 10''H
7 Piece Manicure Set in Travel Case (Includes 1 Small Nail Clipper, 2 Cuticle Pushers, 1 Cuticle Trimmer, 1 Scissor, 1 Nail File, and 1 Tweezer)
Bamboo Moisturizing Gloves
Bamboo Moisturizing Socks - Soothe dry, cracked feet and heels, Ultra soft fabric.
Bath Net Exfoliating Puff
Gel Eye Mask - Relieve stress and tension around your eyes with this handy Gel Mask. Apply it as a warm eye mask (microwave 15 seconds) to comfort the pain of swollen sinuses, clogged nasal passages and allergies. Promotes Rest and Sleep. Or try it chilled as a cold Eye Mask (leave it in the freezer) to stimulate blood flow, and alleviate puffy, swollen eyes, fatigue, headache pain and tension
Hand Held Back Wood Massager. Bath-wood-body massager with band on back, so it is easy to using and take it in bathing. It's use to massage the various parts of the body, such as back, leg, back, foot, etc.
San Francisco Soap Company Gardenia Bouquet Milled Bath Bar (Milled Bath Bar is created using the finest ingredients to pamper your skin and has clean and delicate floral scent.)
San Francisco Soap Company Gardenia Bouquet Moisturizing Body Butter (Moisturizing Body Butter is richly formulated using the finest ingredients to soften skin, leaving a classic, fresh delicate floral scent.)
San Francisco Soap Company Gardenia Bouquet Moisturizing Body Lotion (Moisturizing Body Lotion delivers maximum nourishment to your skin, leaving a clean and delicate floral scent.)
San Francisco Soap Company Gardenia Bouquet Moisturizing Body Wash (Moisturizing Shower Gel contains the finest ingredients to cleanse your skin and has a sweet, floral fragrance of classic Gardenia.)
San Francisco Soap Company Gardenia Bouquet Refreshing Body Mist (Refreshing Body Mist is scented with a refreshing, clean, floral fragrance of classic Gardenia that will invigorate your senses.)
Timber Distressed Pillar Candle (Hand-poured, water clear, odor-free, food-grade and smokeless)
Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Mint Premium Squares
Chocolate Crunch Cookie
Angelina's Sweet Butter Cookies
J&M Key Lime Tea Cookies
Stay Yummy! Triple Chocolate Cupcake Cookies
Epicure European Bakery Italian Double Chocolate Raspberry Cake
Stash's Premium Green Tea
... in an Oval Honey Stained Gift Basket
18.00 (in)
10.00 (in)
14.00 (in)
San Francisco Soap Company
Vance Kittera
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