"EGG"STREME Easter Fun: Treats & Toys Gift Basket

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No Easter morning is complete without great toys and delicious sweets. Inside a shiny metal bucket, your recipient will find festive treats, including a solid milk chocolate bunny and classic Easter candy, along with an array of fun games that will easily make this Easter morning completely unforgettable!


  • Pink Cotton Candy Kettlecorn - 1.4 oz. - Tastes like creamy french vanilla!
  • Tic Tac Toe Game - This classic game of strategy will give you hours of portable fun!
  • Mini Rainbow Gummy Frogs by Haribo - 5 oz. - The perfect treat for sharing. Includes red, orange, yellow, and green gummies shaped like frogs with white bellies!
  • Easter Mike & Ike Original Fruits by Just Born - 5 oz. - Iconic, oblong candy chews that erupt with irresistibly sweet fruit flavors.
  • PEEPS® Chicks & Bunnies by Just Born - 2 packages -  The quintessential Easter treat of smooth, soft marshmallows that are pressed into festive chicks (5 ct.) and bunnies (4 ct.) shapes and coated with bright, sugar coating.
  • Jelly Beans by Palmer Candy - 7.25 oz. - An assortment of colorful jelly beans that burst with blissfully sweet flavors!
  • Milk Chocolate M&Ms Theater Box by Mars Wrigley Confectionery - 3.1 oz. - Their favorite classic candy morsels made with real, rich milk chocolate and coated with a crisp chocolate shell.
  • Table Ping Pong by Finger Sports - Includes 1 net, 2 net poles, 1 ball, 2 table tennis paddles, adn 2 suction cups. Everything you need to play table tennis!
  • Light-Up Wheel by JA-RU Inc. - This updated version of the classic gyro-wheel includes a glowing light-up wheel. A repetitive, yet soothing, activity for any age.
  • Flyin' Chick'n - Stretch out these silly yellow and red rubber chicken toys and watch them fly!
  • Glow Boomerang by Outd'r Bound - A glow in the dark boomerang that will fly right back to you. Perfect for playing outdoors at night!
  • Solid Milk Chocolate Bunny by Palmer - 2.25 oz. - A decadent Easter treat made of solid milk chocolate that sweeten up Easter morning.
  • Everlasting Gobstopper Theater Box by Ferrara Candy Company - 5oz. - Jawbreakers that change colors and flavors as you suck on them.
  • 10-Quart Metal Bucket - The perfect vessel to store their Easter treats or plant Easter flowers in!
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