Birthday Wishes: Beer & Snacks Gift Bucket - Twelve Beers

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The same gift as our amazingly popular Around The World Beer Bucket but with the addition of a happy birthday hang tag. This gift has it all, twelve international bottled beers and enough beer snacks to share with all (or many) of their friends. It's the perfect birthday gift and party neatly arranged in a galvanized steel bucket. Just throw some ice and all the beers in the pail, grab a few bowls for the peanuts, snack mix, and popcorn. Slice the garlic sausage and cheese on a cutting board along with some of the beef jerky and the party is ready to begin!


  • Large Galvanized Steel Bucket - 1 bucket - A sturdy galvanized steel bucket with handles, that easily keeps 12 beers cold with the addition of ice.
  • Grey Lady Ale by Cisco Brewers - 12 oz. - Emits a complex, earthy nose and a soft, mid-palate maltiness with hints of tropical fruit. Spicy and dry.
  • L'autentica by Birra Moretti - 12 oz. - A low fermented Italian beer with a golden color produced using valuable hops giving the beer its aroma and unique fragrance.
  • Hefe Weissbier by Weihenstephan - 12 oz. - Golden-yellow wheat beer with a refreshing banana flavor.
  • Porter by Founders Brewing Company - 12 oz. - Robust hop flavor that pours silky black with strong chocolate and caramel malt presence.
  • Pale Lager by Moosehead Brewery - 12 oz. - A balance between malt sweetness and hop bitterness with a smooth clean taste.
  • Pale Lager by Red Stripe - 11.2 oz. - Brewed in Jamaica since 1938, this flavorful, golden lager has been recognized all over the world for its vibrant taste.
  • Old Speckled Hen by Morland Brewery - 12 oz. - A popular British ale with a distinctive rich malty taste and fruity aroma.
  • Pilsner by Bavik - 12 oz. - A clean amber beer that tastes very light with a nose of sweet barley grains, barley chaff, light grass, straw, and dry yeast.
  • Pale Lager by Dos Equis XX - 12 oz. - Crisp and refreshing light-bodied malt-flavored beer.
  • Pale Lager Stella Artois - 12 oz. - First introduced to the world over 600 years ago, this exceptional, classic Belgian lager is recognized by its beautiful golden color and crisp taste.
  • Pale Lager Kirin Ichiban - 12 oz. - Pure barley malt, premium hops, and smother finish with no bitter aftertaste.
  • Dunkel Lager by Von Trapp - 12 oz. - Dunkel is a full malt lager with a dark tone, but with a clean and crisp hop flavor.
  • Garlic Sausage by Hanover Smokehouse - 5 oz. - This tasty summer sausage amped up with the taste of fresh garlic will pair perfectly with your favorite cheese.
  • Ultra Sharp Cheddar Cheese by Mountain View Cheese Co. - 4 oz. - A robust farmhouse Wisconsin cheddar cheese that's carefully aged to achieve its award-winning flavor.
  • Roasted & Salted Peanuts by J&R Gourmet - 2 oz. - A tasty peanut snack, roasted and salted to perfection.
  • Chichester Snack Mix by Merrimack Valley Snack Company - 2 oz. – A delicious snack mix jam-packed with crunchy pretzel nuggets, cheddar cheese crackers, and premium nuts.
  • Sea Salt & Cracked Peppercorn Water Crackers by Eleanor & Flynn - 4 oz. - Golden popcorn with a delicious combo of sea salt and cracked pepper flavors.
  • Beef Jerky by Divine Bovine - 2 oz. - A simply amazing gourmet jerky that you just can't believe until you've tried.
  • Cheesy Cheddar Popcorn  - 1.8 oz. - Handcrafted cheesy cheddar popcorn made to perfection using sharp cheddar.
  • Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Kettle Corn - 1.3 oz. - Handcrafted kettle corn is sprinkled with just the right amount of gourmet sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper.
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